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A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

Comic Book Physics 101: Time Travel

Publicity image with text stating Will EIsner Week Comic Book Physics 101: Time Travel with Dan Claes over an image of two shadow figures walking toward a grayscale representation of a wormhole.

Comic Book Physics 101: Time Travel


Title: Comic Book Physics 101: Time Travel

Speaker: Dan Claes​

When: March 4, 7:00pm​

Location: Love Library South 221 (Peterson Room)

Description: Days of Future Past, Convergence, Avengers Endgame, the entire second season of CW!'s The Flash. Time to talk about theories of time travel! What do the theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity have to say about the possibilities?  How does the Quantum Realm figure into any of this?

Dan Claes Dan Claes is a professor and the Department Chair of UNL's Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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