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A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

The Science of Self

Science and Gender


Title:  The Science of Self: How Gender Bias & Mindsets Influence the Inner Scientist

Speaker: Trish Wonch Hill

When: March 7, 7:00pm 

Location: Adele Hall Learning Commons

Description: Adolescence is a time of self-exploration when youth imagine many possibilities as they begin to think about careers. Join us as we explore a study that examines how mindsets and cultural biases about who can be a scientist might limit the possibility of science selves for boys and girls.​

Trish Wonch HillDr. Trish Wonch Hill is an applied sociologist who collaborates with scientists across STEM disciplines to investigate how to spark STEM career interests during childhood and adolescence. She is particularly interested in how to find STEM pathways for youth who belong to historically underrepresented groups (girls, rural youth, race/ethnic minorities). Dr. Wonch Hill grew up in western Nebraska and attended UNL as a first generation college student.

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