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SciPop Talks! Where Science Intersects Pop Culture: Home

A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

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Zombies and the Science of Braaaaains

Jacquelyn Omelian, UNL Assistant Professor of Practice in Psychology

March 11, 7:00pm

We all know zombies aren’t real… right? But what about a parasite that makes mice lose their fear of cats and end up as lunch? Or a virus that makes people terrified of a glass of water? Join us as we sort the fact from the fiction and explore the wonderfully weird world of the brain.

All talks are hosted in Love Library 2nd Floor Peterson Room.


Not able to attend our talks in person?

Check out our YouTube Playlist!

SciPop Talks! Where Science Intersects Pop Culture

Welcome to SciPop Talks! a series of talks open to the public featuring the intersection of science and pop culture.

Twitter: #SciPopTalks

These talks are co-sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Libraries, Chemistry Department and Physics Department, Doane University, and the Nebraska Local Section of the American Chemical Society.

SciPop Annoucements

SciPop presenter Dr. Rebecca Lai, an expert on science in the Harry Potter series, has been interviewed on the Ologies podcast!

SciPop Talks! 2020 Schedule

2.12 Dr. Rachel Lloyd and the Avery Hall Chemistry Time Capsule
​Mark Griep, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2.19 Elements in the Harry Potter World
Rebecca Lai, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3.04 Comic Book Physics 101: Time Travel
Dan Claes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3.11 Zombies and the Science of Braaaaains
Jackie Omelian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

About US

Current Organizers: 

Kiyomi Deards, Rebecca Lai, and Ramesh Languani.

For Publicity and Media:

Joan Barnes
Phone: 402-472-6987 

Primary Contact: 

Kiyomi Deards 
Phone: 402-472-2554


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