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SciPop: Where Science Intersects Pop Culture

A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

SciPop Talks! 2016 Schedule

2.03 Brave New Matter for a Brave New World: Shapeshifting & Invisibility
Jocelyn Bosley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2.10 Memes, You're Doing It Wrong
Brad Elder, Doane University

2.17 From Ents to Groot: Can Trees Talk?
Ramesh Laugani, Doane University

2.24 Cosmetic Science: The Beauty of Chemistry
Rebecca Lai, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3.09 The Science (and Art) of Running 100 Miles
Angie Hodge, UNO

3.16 Batman vs. Superman
Dan Claes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

SciPop Talks! Where Science Intersects Pop Culture

Welcome to Sci Pop Talks! a weekly series of talks open to the public featuring the intersection of science and pop culture. The first series ran in Spring 2015, see you next school year!

When: 7:00pm  Wednesdays

Location: Love Library

Discuss us on Twitter #SciPopTalks

These talks are co-sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln University Libraries and Chemistry Department, and Doane University.


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