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SciPop: Where Science Intersects Pop Culture

A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

Game Theory and Breaking Bad


Game Theory and Breaking Bad

Speaker: Doctor Kristopher Williams

When: 7:00pm April 16, 2014

Location: Love Library, Talk Zone in Love South


Using Game theory, the mathematical study of strategic decision making, we will examine some of Walter White's decisions. Could he have made choices that resulted in better lives for those around him?

The Princess Bride: "The Wine in Front of You and the Wine in Front of Me..."

In "Breaking Bad," Walter White agonizes over the proper application of a single dose of Ricin, a decision that takes him more than an entire season to make. We thought we'd showcase our favorite "game theoretical" application of poison, the "game of wits" from the 1987 adventure/comedy classic "The Princess Bride."

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