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A series of talks about science in movies, books, and games.

Zombies and the Science of Braaaaains

Zombies and the Science of Braaaaains


Title: Zombies and the Science of Braaaaains

Speakers: Jacquelyn Omelian

When: March 11, 7:00pm

Location: Love Library South 221 (Peterson Room)

Description: We all know zombies aren’t real… right? But what about a parasite that makes mice lose their fear of cats and end up as lunch? Or a virus that makes people terrified of a glass of water? Join us as we sort the fact from the fiction and explore the wonderfully weird world of the brain.

Jacquelyn OmelianDr. Jacquelyn Omelian is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the UNL Psychology Department, where she teaches a wide variety of neuroscience classes. She also shares her love of brains with the public through her educational outreach group NeuroWOW.

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