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Fire & Explosions in Hollywood Films

Fire & Explosions in Hollywood Films

Explosions and fire happening above the famous Hollywood sign


Fire & Explosions in Hollywood Films: What You Need to Know to Survive

Speaker: Professor Brad D. Elder, Doane University

When: 7:00pm February 25, 2015

Location: Love Library, Talk Zone Room 222

Description: Hollywood sensationalizes action movies with big explosions and lots of fire.  Running through a burning building with a victim over the shoulder is a great way for heroes to protect their shoulder from burns.  It’s also a great way to bake their victim faster than a microwave.  We will take a walk through fire both real and Hollywood.

Brad's YouTube Channel

More YouTube Videos on Fire & Explosions

Tumbleweeds, tornados and fire.

Large fire caused tornados:

A great shot of a fire at Burning man.  The fire tornados keep being generated and walk away from the fire.

Another larger fire tornado:

Wildland Videos

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