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Practicing Pedagogies: Summer Teaching Summit 2019

The purpose of the series is to help faculty foster a collaborative peer review approach to information literacy instruction and course development.

Session Handouts/Slides/Videos

Using the Framework  to Inform Teaching
(Backward Design I )
Catherine Fraser Riehle (UNL

Tammi Owens (UNO)

Planning for and Collecting Meaningful Data to Make Your Life Easier and Your Teaching Better. 
(Backward Design II)
Dr. Stephanie Bondi.  Assistant Professor of Practice. College of Education and Human Sciences.

Towards a More Focused Outreach
(Lunchtime Panel)
Teri Hartman


Kim Harp (UNMC)

Tammi Owens (UNO)
Dr. Elizabeth Lorang (UNL)

(Backward Design III)

Dr. Omer Farooq (UNO Libraries)

Canvas Integration the Present and the Future
(Digital Poster Session). 
Richard Graham (UNL)

Toni Anaya (UNL) 

Danielle Drummond (UNMC) 

From Irritant to Muse: Reframing Problems of Practice
(Introduction to SOTL)

Dr. Jenelle Reeves - Associate Professor of Practice. College of Education and Human Sciences.

Learning Spaces:Understanding Student's Needs and Preferences
Dr. Erica Defrain. (UNL)


The 2019 Summit

Wednesday, May 15th. 9:00am -4:00pm
Thursday, May 16th, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m.

Love Library. Rm 221

Come and learn more about creating engaging experiences that support student learning, and hear from your colleagues on issues relating to teaching information literacy.The UNL Practicing Pedagogies team together with members from the UNCL RIS team are hosting the second Summer Teaching Summit to facilitate conversations about teaching and learning in academic libraries. 
Delve into Backward Design 
The main focus of the 2019 Teaching Summit is backward design with sessions that explore: using the framework to create student learning outcomes ( Backward Design I) , assessing those outcomes (Backward Design II) , and creating learning experiences grounded in theory (Backward Design III). Additional sessions include an introduction to the  scholarship of teaching and learning,  Canvas integration and  focused outreach. Participants will leave with strategies that they can apply to their own teaching. 


The planning is competed for the 2019 Teaching Summit .  if you have ideas for future summit or teaching professional development sessions, please share them below!

Session Sharing

During the sessions, we have provided the opportunity for us to collaborate on our note taking by using a common notes page. Feel free to write your notes, thoughts or questions on the page anytime during  or after the session.

Teaching Summit Notes

What Did You Think About That Session?

After each session,  use our  Session Reflection Form  to let us know what you think, and help us plan other teaching professional development sessions.

What Did You Think About The Summit This Year?

After the summit is finished,  we would like you to complete our Reflection Form. This will help us know if the summit was helpful and also guide us in future planning.

Thank you!

Participants Reflections

"It is a good reminder to focus on being intentional rather than intuitive in planning my instruction. I will definitely attempt to approach teaching w/ the concept of teaching goals/student outcomes directing what I do. Will look more closely at the ACRL framework sandbox."

"Loved the verb pyramid- I know I should be more intentional and being "forced" to do so is helpful."

"I liked the concepts of mixing up the different learning activities." 

"I will see if I can become embedded into a few courses.
Seems to be very impactful, and will help with my many consultations."


"The last session on turning our practice into research was very helpful and think I can now plan some research from . my practice."


"I love the idea of using a rubric with the observations I'm

already doing. I never thought to do something like that."


"There was number of good suggestions from the panel members
that I can apply to my own outreach activities. Persistence is key!"

  "Came up with a great idea for a short
article for our law librarian magazine."


"Designing the class from the end to the beginning. This is how we used to do trial preparation (use the jury instructions to guide our opening statements/evidence introduced/testimony). It was an aha moment to do the same in class design.




The Planning Team

Lorna Dawes. Associate Professor. (Co-chair)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

426 Love Library South


Katie Bishop. Director- Instruction and Research Services (Co-chair)
Criss Library
University of Nebraska-Omaha


Lindsay Brownfield
Reference and Instruction Librarian

LIBR 220 Calvin T. Ryan Library
University of Nebraska-Kearney


Danielle Drummond

Education and Research Services Associate.
McGoogan Library of Medicine
University of Nebraska-Medical Center


Richard Graham. Associate Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

225E Love Library South


Matthew Novak
Professor of Law Library & Reference Librarian. 

McCollum Hall (Law) 132
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska College of Law


Catherine Fraser Riehle. Associate Professor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

225B Love Library South


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