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Practicing Pedagogies

The purpose of the series is to help faculty foster a collaborative peer review approach to information literacy instruction and course development.




The Practicing Pedagogies: Summer Teaching Summit  is a two-day retreat for teaching librarians and staff to grow as teachers, develop teaching materials, and document their teaching theory and practice. This summer, librarians from across the Nebraska system will  come together to address this gap in professional development opportunities for teaching librarians and, at the same, develop a community of practice around teaching and learning so that development continues beyond the retreat.

The Practicing Pedagogies: Summer Teaching Summit  will provide an opportunity for librarians to hear from colleagues on pertinent issues relating to teaching theory and practice, facilitate discussion about information literacy teaching and learning, and support networking amongst teaching librarians throughout the Nebraska system.

The Schedule
The Presenters

The Sessions: If you could not be there, don't worry- view
 videos and presentations from the links  in the section on the left.


ACRL Framework: Theory & Application
Dr. Omer Farooq, 
Social Science Librarian (UNO)

Developing Your Personal Teaching Philosophy
Dr. Stacey Waite, 
Associate Professor and Director of Rhetoric  & Composition (UNL) 

Asking Tough Questions (Panel)
Heidi Blackburn, STEM &
 Business Librarian (UNO)

Dr. Lisa Kort-Butler. 
Associate Professor of Sociology. (UNL)

Joan Latta Konecky,
 Biological Science Librarian (UNL)

Erin Painter, 
RIS Associate (UNO)

Assessing Information Literacy Concepts
Dr. Elizabeth Lewis. 
Associate Professor. Teacher Learning and Teacher Education. (UNL) 

A Mixed Methods Approach to Assessing an Information Literacy Program
Katie Bishop. 
Director of Research & Instruction Services. Humanities Librarian. (UNO)

Designing Learner-Centered Information Literacy Instruction.
 Dawes. Social Science Librarian,  (UNL)

Mary Bolin. 
Meta-Data Librarian (UNL)

 The Teaching Portfolio for Librarians
Dr. Elizabeth  Lorang, 
Humanities Librarian (UNL)



During the sessions, we have provided the opportunity for us to collaborate on our note taking by using a common notes page. Feel free to write your notes, thoughts or questions on the page anytime during  or after the session.

Teaching Summit Notes


After each session,  use our  Session Reflection Form  to let us know what you think, and help us plan other teaching professional development sessions.


After the summit is finished,  we would like you to complete our Reflection Form. This will help us know if the summit was helpful and also guide us in future planning.

Thank you!


The planning is competed for the 2019 Teaching Summit .  if you have ideas for future summit or teaching professional development sessions, please share them below!


Lorna Dawes, Assistant Professor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

426 Love Library South


Liz Lorang, Associate Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
225D Love Library South

Catherine Fraser Riehle, Associate Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
225B Love Library South

Katherine Bishop, Director, Research & Instruction Services
University of Nebraska at Omaha

207CL Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Library 











Participants Reflections

"I found it useful to practice putting backward design into practice for a theoretical course thinking through the design and assessment was helpful for me to rethink how I'll confront my future courses."


"A great run-through on designing effective assessment, and the diagnostic/formative/summative framework will be helpful in assessing my current material."


Helpful to have the handout presenting the main points and activities. Provided some broader concepts of the nature and character of assessment. I liked how she modeled presenting a concept and then having a discuss for a bit."


"Reminder to always review SLOs and look
if I'm actually assessing them in each class."


"Many of the tips and tricks even if I don't use the exact tip - I can already think of variations that I would like to tryI liked the description of how be based a 10-week info literary class on the ACRL framework. I will definitely review the Framework before I teach my next one-shot."


 "I came away with a couple of ideas and actions 
that can help refine my teaching activity and goals."


"The presentation on teaching portfolio was inspirational and encouraged me to not only develop and improve my teaching but to make it more of a focus in terms of my larger job responsibilities.

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