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Libraries Course Materials List

A guide for instructors to learn how to manage and edit the Libraries Course Materials tool in Canvas.

Adding Content

Now that you have a Libraries Course Materials list you can add items as needed in a variety of ways explained below or ask Libraries Course Reserves staff to add an item to your list. (include email). Items can be anything you want: books, book chapters, article, videos, images, audio files, websites, etc. If there is a journal article or book chapter you want to add, but you don't have electronic access, look at the Digitization Request in the Adding Items section. In addition to adding items to your list you can add new sections and public or private notes.

Adding Sections

Your list will already have at least one section in it, and you may create additional sections for your course as needed for weeks, topics, modules etc..

1. To create a new section click on the New Section button directly above your first section in your list.

New Section Button

2. Add a section title, an optional description, and optional dates. You may also choose to only display a section for a set date range. This can be helpful if you are adding ahead or want to open up sections when you are introducing a topic or assignment.

3. Select Create and start adding items to your section.

New Section title, description, and date fields

Adding Items

There are a variety of ways to add items to your Libraries Course Materials list and most of them are available through the Add Items button above the first section of your list.

new item button and library search option

Library Search is the first option and this allows you to search the UNL Library Catalog and select databases for a variety of item types by title, keyword, and other identifying information.

  1. Search for the item you are looking to add to your list
  2. Review search results and take note of the item format, which will determine how students access the item (electronic or print). If you want a book chapter or journal article digitized to add to your list, fill out a digitization request (see Digitization Request section) or contact Libraries Course Reserves
  3. Once you found the item you want to add select the Section of your list you want it added to and select Add. If you want to make edits to or review the citation information select Add & Edit.

library search results


Use the Add a Citation option to add items outside of the Libraries Catalog and databases such as webpages, blog posts, open educational resources, podcast links, etc.

1. To get started, go to the Add Items button and select Add a Citation.

2. Add as much information about your item as possible. Required fields are a Title and Type, which will determine some of your available metadata fields. If you have a file for your document you may upload it at the top of the form. The source field is where you can add a URL if appropriate.

blank form fields

3. Select the section of your list to add the item to and select Add and Close if adding one item or Add if you have multiple items to add.

add and close

You can search for and save items to My Collection and add them to a Libraries Course Materials list at any time. This can be useful if you want to add the same items to more than one list, or save items to consider at a later time.

To search and save through Libraries Course Materials select the menu icon in the upper left corner and select My Collection.

1. To search for and add items to your Collection, select Add Items. Then add items to your Collection through a Library Search, Blank Form, or by Uploading a File. For more information on adding items to your Collection through these methods review the tabs above.

add item collection button


2. To add items from your Collection to a Libraries Course Materials list, go to your list page and select Add Items. Choose Collection.

3. Select the item(s) to add to your list. Make sure to use the dropdown menu to pick the section of your list to add the item(s) to. Select Add or Add and Edit to make changes before adding.



Use the Upload a File option to add items unavailable in the Libraries Collection or PDF-formatted files for annotation.

1. To get started, go to the Add Items button and select Upload a File.screen shot highlighting "Add a File" and "Upload a File"

2. Drag a file or click to browse for a file.

screenshot reading, "Drag files here to upload them or click to browse for a file"

3. Select one of 3 options related to copyright clearance: use of the resource complies with UNL's fair use policy; send to library staff for review for copyright compliance; or the file was authored by you and does not require copyright clearance. Provide a title (required), author (optional), source type (required), URL (optional). Then, select where in your reading list you'd like it go, and click ADD

screenshot showing "Upload a File" fields.

Cite It is a bookmark you can add to your browser that will capture citation information from select webpages and automatically create items for your Course Materials List. This feature works well when adding items from academic journal publication websites and platforms (Ebscohost, ProQuest, Sage, Science Direct, and many more).

To add Cite It to your browser go to the user menu in the upper right corner and select Cite It. 

Follow the instructions for installing Cite It by dragging the Cite It button to your bookmark bar.

Watch this gif to see the installation in action (no audio).


Once Cite It is installed you can use the bookmark to add items from a webpage to your Libraries Course Materials list automatically. To view this feature in action view the gif below (no audio) or the full video with audio at the bottom of this section.


If the UNL Libraries owns a book or journal in print and you want a section of the item digitized to add to your Course Materials list you can request digitization either through the item record in library search or through the Course Reserves email (

Adding Notes

You can add a note to either a section of your list or to specific items.

Section notes can provide information about or instructions related to a series of items in a list. They can be rearranged in any order that you need. To create a note for a section of your list go to the three dot menu for that section and select Add a Note.

Type the information you want to share in your note and select Create. Your note will appear in your list and can be moved around within your list.

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