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Online Image Management: Social Media Privacy Settings

Use Social Media Privacy Settings

Make a conscious decision which social media sites will be private, for freinds only and which are public and professional.  For example, many people use LinkedIn as professional while Facebook is kept private.

Once you decide, use the privavy settings of the site you want to keep private.

Decide who can:

See & comment on your posts

Post to your wall

See tagged photos & videos of you

Have access to your contact information


What can others share about you?

Will your page appear when people search the Internet?

Facebook Privacy Settings

facebook logo

Use the Settings settings icon icon and the Shortcut shortcut icon to the privacy settings to manage your Facebook account.

Use the Activity Log to see what others can see

Facebook Privacy Settings

Use Friends Lists to easily post messages for family or close friends without telling everyone your news.

Facebook Friends Lists screen instructions


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