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Online Image Management: Creating Your Presence

LinkedIn Tips

Linked In logo

LinkedIn should be a part of your professional presence. Why? This is the first place, other than search engines, that recruiters and employers will look for you. In today's society everyone is expected to have an online presence of some sort. Some recruiters will not consider a candidate further if they do not have a LinkedIn Profile. It can take up to 4-8 hours to set up your profile but after that you need only update it when you change jobs, have a new project to brag about, are job searching, or on an annual basis.

Use LinkedIn to:

blue dotRequest recommendations from connections & past employers

blue dotPeriodically update & post to maintain visibility

blue dotKeep your profile up to date

blue dotJoin Groups

blue dotAnswer questions & make recommendations

blue dotComment on others' posts, a form of networking

Tip: Worried about recieveing too many emails? Go to Account Settings and pick and choose how many if any emails you want to recieve and when. You can also choose to turn off skills and endorsements.

Academics may also be intersted in

Create a Web Page

Rather than using social media for a professional page, you may want to create a web page.  These services offer web page hosting:


These services were free as of March 17, 2014

Write Your Bio

Your professional (public) pages shoud include a brief biographical paragraph.  Think of this as your "elevator speech", deliverable in the time it takes to ride an elevator, approximately 30-90 seconds. 

Consider including a description of your:

blue dotMajor accomplishments

blue dotKey Accolades and Awards received

blue dotCurrent job

blue dotMarketable skills

Use the same brief bio on all your professional pages.  Keep it up to date.  You may also want to develop a one sentence summary to use when you need something shorter.

Need Some Help?

havard business school logoHBS Elevator Pitch Builder

Your Professional (Public) Pages

Make use of the available options for framing your image:

blue dotLink your accounts, for example, set your Twitter or Blog posts to automatically post to your social media account

blue dotEstablish your "professional" image through a hosted web page or LinkedIn

blue dotMake sure your resume/CV is reflected on your professional page or linked to it

blue dotEstablish a domain name or "vanity" URL

blue dotConsider using the same username for all accounts, or distinguish them by using one for private, personal sites; a different one for all professional, public sites

blue dotUse the same profile picture on all your sites or choose the same professional image for all your public sites

blue dotLet your personality shine, but be cautious about how much you share

blue dotWrite a bio for your professional pages and keep it up to date
blue dotWhen you conduct an Internet search on your name, which pages show up first?  Spend time editing them and make sure they reflect the right image

blue dotUpdate all your profiles & social media at the same time

blue dotKeep up with changes in privacy settings for all accounts

How to Craft Your 30 Second Elevator Speech

How to craft your 30 second elevator pitch or networking introduction,  Kathy McAfee.  Portland, Connecticut on May 8, 2009.  Run time: 4:07

Facebook Vanity URL

Claim your Facebook Vanity URL so no one else can!

Go to Account Settings and "Edit" Username

Facebook Vanity URL

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