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Getting Started with Research Tutorials

Crafting a Savvy Search Strategy

Library databases work differently from Google. Learn how to create a search strategy for these databases, which includes generating keywords and using search connectors to retrieve results in library databases. The strategies in this tutorial will help you find the best keywords for your topic and avoid wading through thousands of results.

Developing Keywords Tutorial



The video is adapted from Crafting a Savvy Search Strategy by UCLA Library, licensed CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US.

Part 2: Search Connectors/Boolean Operators

Try out your search strategy in a couple of different databases. To get started use the Library A-Z Database list. Not sure which database to use? Go through our Choosing Library Databases tutorial or ASKus!

For Instructors

Crafting a Savvy Search Strategy covers how to:

  • Identify main keywords for your research question or statement.
  • Brainstorm a variety of synonyms, broader, and narrower words to expand and narrow your search results.
  • Identify how boolean operators impact and improve search results in library databases.
  • Demonstrate how to use boolean operators with keywords.

The video, Crafting a Savvy Search Strategy, can be added to your Canvas course using the embed code.

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Each tutorial can be added to your Canvas course using the embed button.

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