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Data Management: Welcome

Supplemental information for those who wish to know more about writing and implementing data management plans

About this Guide

This guide is a supplement to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries Data Management webpage, which outlines services and resources related to data management available through the Libraries. The following content is included:

  • Data Management Plans
    An introduction to data management plans, what they are, and why they are both useful and important. In addition, you'll find agency-specific information on data management plan requirements and a checklist of questions to consider as you begin the planning process, as well as a template for and examples of data management plans.
  • Data
    Details relating to the day-to-day management of your digital data, including file format types, file organization, and file naming conventions.
  • Metadata
    Metadata, or "data about data" is how you describe and provide context to the data generated during a research project.
  • Storage
    Information on data storage and backup during a research project.
  • Security
    Security includes the physical security of data hardware, data access, and ensuring the integrity of data.
  • Preservation
    Information related to the long-term preservation of data following project completion.
  • Sharing
    Information related to sharing and re-use of research data.
  • Sample Text
    When writing your data management plan, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This section contains sample text for the different sections of a data management plan, which you can copy verbatim or modify to fit your particular project.
  • Resources
    Links to various resources that may be useful as you learn more about data management and develop your own data management plans.


This guide is intended for researchers looking for more detailed knowledge on issues related to data management and data management plans.

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