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New Resources & Collections Updates: Journal & Database Review

Reviewing Subscriptions at UNL Libraries

UNL Libraries is committed to exercising responsible stewardship of its Collections budget, particularly in times of significant budgetary constraint. To ensure that Collections funds are being spent effectively on information resources that best serve the needs of the University, UNL Libraries regularly reviews its subscriptions to journals (both print and online), databases, and other resources that involve recurring (annual) payments.

Subscriptions are reviewed by UNL librarians, with input from department faculty, with attention to evidence of usage by the UNL community, annual cost, relevance to teaching and research activities at UNL, and other factors including representation of and research about underrepresented and diverse topics and communities. On the basis of this information, decisions are made about whether or not to continue to subscribe.

In some cases, subscriptions that show indicators of low or declining value are added to a “watch list” of resources to be monitored for an additional year. This allows the Libraries to investigate, communicate with the relevant department(s), and address any technical issues that may have affected usage rates (for example, problems with catalog records, broken links to online content, or under-promotion) before a final decision is made about renewal.

For more information contact:  Charlene Maxey-Harris, Associate Dean for Collections and Resource Management

Subscriptions Currently Under Review: Watch List

The resources listed here have been placed on UNL Libraries' "watch list" of subscriptions identified as potential candidates for non-renewal in the coming year, based on low reported usage or other indicators of declining value to the UNL community. If reported usage increases significantly, or if there is other evidence of continuing value, a resource on the watch list may be renewed in the following year . 

To provide your input on any of these resources, please contact David Macaulay, Electronic Resources Librarian.

Subscriptions Not Renewed

The subscriptions listed here have not been renewed, on the basis of recommendations arising from UNL's subscription review process. Titles that are converting to Open Access, and titles that are leaving large journal packages, are not included.

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