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Forensic Science - Subject Guide: Welcome

A guide to scholarly information sources and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries' services - supporting instruction and research in forensic science

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Forensic Science at Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln

Forensic Science at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Forensic science is any science that is conducted for use in the legal system. Often, this science is applied to criminal cases. The Forensic Science Program provides undergraduate students with a well-rounded education in the sciences, mathematics, and statistics, and includes the choice of two instructional tracks depending upon a student's interests and career goals: Forensic Biochemistry or Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

Instructional Tracks

The Forensic Biochemistry option prepares a student to work in a laboratory setting, identifying and analyzing a wide range of biological evidence, including DNA and body fluids. Courses include molecular biology, forensic biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, anatomy, physiology, immunology, and serology (body fluid identification).

The CSI option prepares a student to collect, preserve, and interpret physical evidence using standard crime scene investigatory and evidence analysis techniques. Courses include forensic taphonomy (decomposition), forensic entomology (insects), forensic palynology (pollen and dust), human anatomy, and more.


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