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A basic guide on using HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access during COVID-19 closure of the University Libraries.
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HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access

To search for HathiTrust (Expanded) online materials:

  • visit the HathiTrust digital library
  • click or tap LOG IN
  • select "University of Nebraska-Lincoln" from the drop-down menu
  • click or tap CONTINUE

You will be prompted to log in with your UNL Credentials.

Read more below for additional information on making the most of HathiTrust and finding full-text, electronic access to items in the UNL collections.

Making the Most of HathiTrust Expanded

Because HathiTrust contains millions of items covering both public domain and copyrighted material, as well as both full-text and restricted content, there are a few strategies you might use to make the most of the digital library's Emergency Temporary Access Service.

  • When you search for items in HathiTrust, make sure you have the "full view only" box selected. Doing so will return only items that you can view in their entirety.
  • Consider whether you want to search across the full-text of all materials in HathiTrust or whether you want to search only catalog records.
    • Searching the full-text will return more results, though you are likely to encounter a lot more "noise": materials you will need to wade through to find what's most relevant.
    • Searching only catalog records will return fewer results, but they are more likely to be relevant, as long as you know the right terms to use. If you are looking for a known item, use the "catalog" search.
  • In the search results, look for the words "Temporary Access." These are materials newly available as a result of the Emergency Temporary Access Service.
    • Other materials are available in full view as well; those not identified as "temporary access" are those already in the public domain and will typically be older content (pre-1925).

For more help searching HathiTrust, please see Search Tips, or contact UNL Libraries ASKus for assistance.

The Fine Print

HathiTrust's Emergency Temporary Access is designed to provide access to copyrighted, or potentially copyrighted, material during a crisis situation where a library is not able to provide access to its physical collections. Since copyright is involved, there are limitations on this service and access to materials. For example, you have to be able to authenticate using your credentials from a member institution. In addition, only one person from the same institution can access a single item at the same time. For more details, see ETAS: Information for Users.

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