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Games and Toys: Board Games University of Nebraska-Lincoln Has

A guide to the various games, kits, and ephemera the UN-L Libraries have available for checkout and use.

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Board Games at Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln

A number of games are available at University of Nebraska-Lincoln including:

       Love Library Media Services
       Love Media GV 1469.A37

Wikipedia has an informative article on 'Agricola (board game).'

Arkham Horror : a call of Cthulhu boardgame

         Love Library Media Services
         Love Media GV1469.62.C342 L38 2006

This is a "Lovecraftian" board game.   The name Arkham in the title refers to a mythical Massachusetts city used by H.P. Lovecraft as a setting in many of his writings.   Arkham Horror is the subject of a lengthy article in Wikipedia. This board game is also the subject of a dedicated Arkham Horror Wiki.

      See "Chess..."

Battleship was patterned by Louis Coffin as a "Board Game,"   Patent 1,998,301 is dated 15 Jan 1935.      The Wikipedia article on Battleship is very informative.

Carcasonne Big Box  
Wikipedia has a detailed article about the Carcassonne (board game).

Catan board
        Love Library Media Services
         Love Media GV1469.C38 B63

This is the official Settlers of Catan gaming board for use with the various Catan games and their expansions.  According to the Wikipedia article, Settlers of Catan is a multiplayer board game designed by Klaus Teuber, and it was one of the first German-style board games to achieve popularity outside of Europe.  For more information on the Catan games see the Wikipedia List of The Settlers of Catan products and the World of Catan Wiki.  

Love Library Media Services has several versions of the Catan game:

Catan Cities & Knights
             Love Media GV1469.C38 C58
Catan Seafarers
             Love Media GV1469.C38 S43
Catan Traders & Barbarians
             Love Media GV1469.C38 T73
Settlers of Catan
             Love Media GV1469.C38 T72

Chess, Backgammon, & Checkers Set
     Love Library Media Services
     Love Media GV1312.D45

This is a deluxe set that can be used to play these popular games.

Diplomacy: a game of international intrigue, trust, and treachery
         Love Library Media Services
         Love Media GV1469. D54

Diplomacy is a board game based on the geopolitical map of Europe before World War I.  

It is discussed in a thorough article in Wikipedia.

      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV 1459.5.G6

Go is an ancient Chinese board game which is discussed in an article in Wikipedia.

The Hunt for Red October
         Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV 1469.H86

This a naval combat war game based on the Tom Clancy novel (Love PS 3553.L245 H8 1984) and the movie (Love DVD PN1995.9.A3 H853 2007) of the same title.

      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV 1469.J88

 This classic war game is described in a Wikipedia article.

Merchant of Venus: a game of space exploration and interstellar trade
      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV 1469. M47

This is a game in which the participants explore the universe and make money by trading with the civilizations discovered. 

     Love Library Media Services
     Love Media  GV 1469.M65

The origins of Monopoly have been traced to the "Landlord's Game" patented by Lizzie Phillips, Patent No. 748, 626, dated 5 Jan 1904.  Monopoly itself was patented by Charles Darrow, as a "Board Game Apparatus,"  Patent No.  2,026,082, dated 31 Dec 1935. Monopoly and related topics are discussed in a series of articles in Wikipedia.  See the Wikipedia article on Monopoly for links to related topics.

    The game Monopoly is the subject of an interesting and informative documentary:

                     Under the Boardwalk: the Monopoly Story
                              LOVE DVD GV 1469. M65U53 2012

Pacific Victory
      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV 1469. P33

Ready, Set, Listen  
      Love Library Government
      Docs HE 20.204:SM2/KIT/2009

An online version is available in English and Spanish.   A Spanish language version is available at DOCS HE20.432:SM2/CD/SPAN.

    Love Library Media Services
    Love Media GV 1469.R57

The Wikipedia article on the game Risk is very thorough.  It contains links to the rules for various editions issued since 1959.

7 Wonders
      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV1469 .S48

 This award-winning board game is described in a thorough Wikipedia article.

The Social Seminar:  a drug education simulation game
      Love Library Government Documents
      Docs HE 20.2408:So 1/2

Space Travel Hazards  by NASA
     Engineering Library
     US Docs NAS 1.2: T69/2/KIT

The rules for the game are available online.

Ticket to Ride
      Love Library Media Services
      Love Media GV1469 .T53

The Wikipedia article on Ticket to Ride (board game) is very through.

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