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Undergraduate Research Journals: What about Graduate Students?

This guide contains information for undergraduates interested in publication. Journals are divided into categories with links to each.

Tips for Writers

We were recently asked to create a version of this guide for graduate students. Actually, grad school is the perfect time to begin submitting articles to professional journals, especially in collaboration with your faculty mentors and advisors. 

However, there are still some journals especially for graduate students! This page contains a list of journals that specifically accept contributions from grad student authors. 

Additionally, if you are seeking to publish a manuscript you wrote as an undergraduate, many of the journals on this guide accept submissions of undergraduate work for up to a year after graduation. Check individual journals' web pages for details.

These journal listings are for information purposes only. UNL librarians cannot tell you what journals to submit your paper to. It is the writer's responsibility to check the journals' websites for the most up-to-date information.

This page was last updated in January 2022.

Academic publishing requires attention to detail. Ask yourself these questions before submitting a paper to an academic journal.

  • Does my paper fit within the journal's subject area?
  • Is my paper correctly formatted?
    • Is it within the journal's word limit or page limit?
    • Are my sources properly cited in the journal's required style? (For example, APA stye)
    • Have I included all the materials the journal wants me to submit? (For example, a cover letter, title page, or abstract)
  • Am I submitting my paper before the publication deadline? (Most journals in this list do not have deadlines, but some do)
  • Have I had a professor, colleague, friend, etc. proofread my paper so there are no errors?

Journals that Accept Graduate Student Submissions

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