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Mendeley: Mendeley Desktop

A quick reference guide to Mendeley

Mendeley Desktop Is Being Discontinued

News from Elsevier:


Mendeley Reference Manager will replace Mendeley Desktop in the long run

As part of the continued evolution of Mendeley, from 1 September 2022, users will no longer be able to download and install Mendeley Desktop software. Existing users of Mendeley Desktop will continue to be able to sign into, use and sync their Mendeley Desktop.


Longer-term, once we are confident that the new Mendeley Reference Manager sufficiently meets your reference management needs, we will begin the process of stopping all sign-ins to Mendeley Desktop. We will be sure to give you plenty of notice before this happens.

If you are currently using Mendeley Desktop and need to upgrade to Mendeley Reference in order to use Mendeley's Cite too please contact Scout Calvert at the following email address

Using Mendeley Desktop with Office 365 Microsoft Word

Currently, the only version of the Mendeley reference manager tool that is fully supported for users using campus-licensed MS Word products is Mendeley Desktop. The newest generation of the tool, Mendeley Reference Manager, requires access to Microsoft AppSource, which is currently disabled for UNL users, for its citation plug-in. The UNL Libraries is pursuing options with NU ITS for future solutions. In the meantime, Mendeley Desktop ( remains fully supported by Mendeley and allows for full functionality on UNL-licensed MS Word installations.

To use Mendeley Desktop and its citation plug-in for MS Word, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure your Mendeley library is fully synced to the cloud (that there is nothing in your local library that is not also online at your Mendeley account).
  2. Download Mendeley Desktop. This link should take you to the version of Mendeley Desktop for your operating system:
  3. Install Mendeley Desktop, following the prompts on your computer
  4. Open Mendeley Desktop and sign in using your Mendeley account credentials
  5. Make sure Microsoft Word is fully closed. (Note that you will need to use the fully installed Word Desktop application, which is downloadable as part of UNL’s Office enterprise license.)
  6. From the Mendeley Desktop app, go to the Tools Menu
  7. Select “Install MS Word plugin”
  8. Open Microsoft Word
  9. Go to the References menu in Word
  10. You should see the option to access and draw from your Mendeley library
  11. Go to the References menu in Word
  12. You should see the option to access and draw from your Mendeley library
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