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A guide to researching the scientific literature in chemistry.

Quick Search

Quick Search is a keyword search for books, images, journal articles and more. 

Find Journals Available at Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln

Use the University of Nebraska-Lincoln library catalog to search for University of Nebraska-Lincoln print and electronic journals:

Use the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Electronic Journal Finder to just search for University of Nebraska-Lincoln electronic journals:


How much is enough?

When searching the literature it can be difficult to determine when you've found all the relevant literature.  Unfortunatly there are no short cuts to taking the time to search the literature and setup alerts so that you're notified of future publications.


At the very least a cursory search in chemistry should include:

A more thorough search would also include:

Searching library catalog for relevant specialty books:

Searching related subject matter in specialized databases such as Medline, PubMed Central, or ArXiv. See the descriptions in A-Z Databases for more specialized databases.  Those working in biochemistry may want to check out the Biological Sciences Databases (Articles and Abstracts).


A very thorough search would include:​

Wait - It's not Full Text!

Are you sure?  It may not be full text in that database, but we might have it full text in another place.  Look for buttons like this: 

Additional Resources


These buttons will link you to e-articles if we have them, or suggest other options.

Look for a "Find Electronic Version" at the top of the new window that opens.  If it's not there click "Get via Interlibrary Loan" we'll find it and send it to you!

The Elements of the Business of Chemistry

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